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Searching for Slash [entries|friends|calendar]
Searching for Slash

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this place seems dead but... [28 May 2008|03:02am]

bandslash BDSM fic?

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[18 May 2008|03:23pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey, I'm new here and I've come looking for stories!

Ok, can anybody recommend any of their favorite standalone, or multi-chaptered angsty or happy stories with the pairing William Beckett/Gabe Saporta?

That's it really, and thanks!

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[09 Apr 2008|10:47pm]

alright so I'm not even sure if this is a patd slash or something but I think it might be

i just remember one quote from it and if you can find it props to you

one line was like eat the stars, baby.because im bringing them to you on a platter. just waiting for you to wake up and eat them out of my hands .

thank you so much if you can find it
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pleaase... [27 Nov 2007|04:25pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Avenged Sevenfold slash? (yeah i know,right?) 

preferably Zacky/Synsyster...

thank you!

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[14 Jun 2007|08:33pm]

Pairing?: Peter Wentz / Joe Trohman FALL OUT BOY
Rating?: any
Community for pairing? or just a fic?: community if there is one, if not, just a fic.
Any other notes?: cute ones are always awesome, but anything is fine :D
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completed high school fics????? [10 Apr 2007|11:34pm]

okay guys this place seems really dead, but PLEASE if you read this post can anybody link me to some completed High school fics? I don't really mind what pairing (solong as it's bandslash with no boybands) please I would love you forever
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[14 Jan 2007|03:46pm]

[ mood | determined ]

It seems like this place is kind of dead.
But I'd really appreciate it if someone knew somewhere that I could find some Jack Marin/Ryan Ross pairings.
If you need a picture, I can provide that as well.

Please and thanks!

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[12 Jan 2007|03:01am]

haha hello everyone. i'm not sure how successful this is going to be but i've been searching for a fic for quite a while now and i thought that maybe this could amazingly come up with the answer. please...

okay well the fic is a ryden (ryan ross/brendon urie from panic! at the disco). it was a multi-chaptered one, with alternating view points (one chapter was from ryan, one from brendon, etc etc) i seem to recall 5 at least. i can remember pretty much nothing except the theme was definitely "x-ray". ryan thought that brendon was his x-ray, because he was always able to understand everything and always saw why ryan did things (such as his make-up - there was paragraph on that). the thing i can remember most was that there was this one scene in which brendon breaks down in front of ryan and ryan's amazed that brendon isn't as strong and complete as he believed he was. um. that's all that i can remember except i think it was posted at disco! at the slash. please please please can somebody help me i really would love to read this again...♥
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[23 Oct 2006|04:29am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

okay, ive noticed that nobody responds on this site. like at all. but im somewhat desperate, so i figured wth, might as well give it a shot. today i was looking at pictures of ryan ross, and came across a bazillion of him and pete wentz all cuddly. so if anybody can point me in the direction of some pete/ryan i would be very very grateful. im not picky about length, genre, hell, i dont even really care if its any good, i just need to get it out of my system.


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[10 Jul 2006|12:30pm]

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a bert/sonny story. [10 May 2006|03:14pm]

Pairing?: Bert/Sonny
Rating?: NC-17 i believe
Community for pairing? or just a fic?: Just the fic, please
Any other notes?: uhm, i've got a bit of summary i put together..

Sonny's sitting on an amp, smoking, and Bert sees him. (Sonny's about 16 in this story) Not much conversation but Sonny insists he's not a virgin. They head back to the bus and proceed to getting it on. Bert notices almost immediately that Sonny IS a virgin but doesn't say anything until after they've finished. And somewhere along the way {I think Sonny was sucking Bert off}, Quinn walks in and gets a little jealous. And that's all I remember.

I would really appreciate if someone could find this for me. i've been searching high and low for it.
please&thankyou. =]]
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[14 Apr 2006|10:59pm]

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find a slash with The Cribs in it. Or...if anyone would like to write one that would be amazing as well. :P Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks! :)
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meep! [14 Apr 2006|05:42am]

[ mood | awake ]

Okay, I'm seriously gonna cry here. I cannot find any Frank Iero/Quinn Allman fics at all.

Please, please, please link me to anything! Is there a community for them?



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[26 Mar 2006|11:25pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hi there! I'll intorduce myself, my name is Elly and I'm from Victoria BC, I am fifteen-years old and I'm your mod. Welcome to searchslash, where you can see if anyone has seen your favorite slash pairing, or maybe that guilty pleasure you keen under raps. Anywho, just thought I'd drop a few  messages 

1] Wanna co-mod? please contact me at
billyslovergirl@hotmail.com or on my AIM; xsuperxellyx.
2] Wanna be an affiate, like I said, contact me.
3] Wanna make us graphics? You're my new bestfriend
4] Wanna promote us? Like I said, bestfriend

Thank you and that will be all
Keep slashing in the free world!

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