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a bert/sonny story.

Pairing?: Bert/Sonny
Rating?: NC-17 i believe
Community for pairing? or just a fic?: Just the fic, please
Any other notes?: uhm, i've got a bit of summary i put together..

Sonny's sitting on an amp, smoking, and Bert sees him. (Sonny's about 16 in this story) Not much conversation but Sonny insists he's not a virgin. They head back to the bus and proceed to getting it on. Bert notices almost immediately that Sonny IS a virgin but doesn't say anything until after they've finished. And somewhere along the way {I think Sonny was sucking Bert off}, Quinn walks in and gets a little jealous. And that's all I remember.

I would really appreciate if someone could find this for me. i've been searching high and low for it.
please&thankyou. =]]
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